Narrator Sky Wildmist, AVALON STUDIO VO is the incomparable voice on our audiobook, WHAM! Timewalker Book 1. We are thrilled to announce that she has agreed to be our voice on all of our books. This is not an easy task considering the variety of new languages we have created in our books. We couldn’t be more pleased with the way the audiobook of WHAM! turned out. Sky narrated every language as flawlessly as if she were a native speaker.

Many! readers have commented quite positively on the languages we have created in WHAM! Here are some example quotes from some of the reviews:

“I loved the way the authors used the languages for the fairies and I found it easy to understand. This book would not be the same without the different ways in which every creature is talking.”

“There are some really amazing characters and after some adjustment, the different languages developed by the authors become a natural part of the flow.”

“I loved the added languages!”

“A great plot, intense characters, fresh language, and a new society makes one wonder if there might be a new Tolkien emerging.”

“WHAM! Is the first book in the Timewalker series and I can’t wait to read the next installment! I enjoyed everything about this book. The action-packed beginning, overall story, characters, the introduction ‘Time Does Not Exist’, and even the added glossary meant to help readers navigate through the (easy to get used to) beautiful language.”

“The authors used a huge amount of imagination to bring this story to life, even making a language that is unique to the book.”

“The authors even made up a language for the fairies and trolls, which I found impressive.”

“. The language of the trolls, fairies and wizards was fantastic—more so as Phipps incorporated slight changes to these languages within the parameters of their time periods.”

“The added languages from the trolls, fairies and wizards were amazing and added depth to the story.”


Narrator Sky Wildmist does an incredible job of bringing these languages to life…

Beyond the languages, Sky’s portrayal of the characters is flawless as her amazing voice immerses the listener fully into the story.


WHAM! Timewalker Book 1 is also avaialble on iTunes



THEN…Timewalker Book 2                   Audiobook     Narrated by Sky Wildmist




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