Heart of the Staff: Complete Appendix

Heart Appendix cover 1280 x 2000

Heart of the Staff: Complete Appendix


There was not enough room for an appendix in The Heart of the Staff, the Complete Series, so here it is as the separate publication, The Heart of the Staff, the Complete Appendix.

Here you will find every character, creature and hamlet listed and described as well as every special word and foreign phrase defined and translated.


5.0 out of 5 stars Heart of the Staff – Complete Appendix

“This is a very helpful guide/companion book while reading the “Heart of the Staff Complete Series Box Set”, when reading through the various languages of the different unique character groups, such as the elves, fairies, and trolls. It lays out who is who of each of the characters, what continent, hamlet, territory, or kingdom they are from, and what role they play in the series of books. I also found it to be very easy to navigate through. I have to add also, this appendix alone shows the tremendous amount of work, thought, and planning, along with the richly creative imagination of Carol and Tom Phipps in creating and building this Heart of the Staff series.”

                                                  -By Fridays Child

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent companion book

“This book is an excellent and much needed companion book to the Heart of the Staff epic fantasy series. I highly recommend it.”

                                            -By MicheleRC


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