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Heart Appendix cover 1280 x 2000

If you need other formats, including epub, mobi, PDF, RTF, LRF, Palm Doc or PlainText:




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24 thoughts on “FREE EBOOK DOWNLOADS”

    1. E. Guy,

      I apologize for my error. We do plan to have STONE HEART Free on Amazon in the near future, but as you discovered, it is not currently free there. However, right now you can still download it free for Kindle in mobi format from Smashwords.

      Thank you for pointing out this error to me and for your interest in our books.



  1. Hi Carol & Tom,
    <3 i really love your books. I wanted to read "Good Sister Bad Sister" & "Stone Heart" fully, so i downloaded the pdf form, but it does not work, i do not have any other ebook reader & id like pdf, to read on my laptop, but after downloading, it does not work. pleas check into it & let me know what i can do. also im looking forward to reading "Elf Killer", & the other two books you have written <3 your style is my style <3 i believe in supernatural beings for real <3 i have personally met & spoken to a few too <3 anyways, i wanted to know, if the other three books are for free download as well. please let me know where i can download for free, a pdf format of all your wonderful magical books <3
    <3 with love <3
    <3 Kyana <3

    1. Kyana,

      Did you click on the SMALLER BOOK COVER IMAGE that would take you to the page you need on SMASHWORDS to download the PDF?

      To read a PDF format you need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Do you have this program on your laptop? If not you can get it for FREE. Simply open your internet and type Adobe Reader into your address bar. Once you are taken to the Adobe Reader downloads page download the one that is compatible with your computer. Then your PDF download should work just fine.

      I have Adobe Reader x on my computer and I downloaded both Good Sister, Bad Sister and Stone Heart to see if there was anything wrong with the download, but they both work perfectly, so the download is good.

      If you simply cannot get the PDF to work after downloading Adobe Reader you could try downloading the books in RTF format and see if you have better luck with that.

      The other books are NOT FREE to download, but they ae quite affordable for a mere $2.99 each.

      Try my suggestions and let me know if you have better luck this time.



  2. Wow, what a wonderful surprise and wasn’t expecting it. Would have followed you anyway, but so nice of you. Will definitely read your books and also add you to my blog at on my bookshelf, give a link to my FB friends, and give a review at Amazon. I am behind on my reading so may be a bit, but always like to review. I was able to download both at Amazon.

    Again, thanks so much. How nice of you. Have a great week.

    1. Hi Peabea,

      I’m glad you found your way to my blog and this page in particular. Thank you for your interest and I’ll look forward to hearing what you think of our books.

      I’ll check out and join your blog asap!

      Happy reading,


  3. The link that I will post to my FB friends will be to your books on Amazon so they can purchase and not to here unless you prefer the link be to here.


    1. Hello Again Peabea,

      Yes, links to our books on Amazon would be just fine. If any of your friends have a Nook, rather than a Kindle the books are also Free on Barnes & Noble.



  4. Do you sell these books on hardcover and would I be able to order them signed by both of you? Thanks jim

    1. Hi Jim,

      I am sorry to say our books are only available in eBook or paperback. If you are interested in signed paperbacks let us know.

      All our best,

      Carol & Tom

  5. Thank you for using Smashwords. My husband Robert Moon’s fiction stories are also there. I downloaded Good sister Bad sister free at Smashwords. Thank you for your kind offer.

  6. Thank you so much for being so open with your readers. I actually have all your books now and have started reading Elf Killers, so don’t need to take advantage of the free offers. I appreciate that you offer them though as a taster for the rest of your books, and I also appreciate the recent addition of the complete Appendix now on Amazon.
    I don’t know how administration on these comments work, but if you could get rid of the spam left previous to my message, it would be great.
    Thanks so much!

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