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  1. I love the ingenuity of the ebooks. The access they give to a broad range of genres in just a few clicks is brilliant and the fact that new authors can find a rung on the ladder to being recognised, they are an added bonus being much cheaper…but nothing beats the weight of a good paperback in the hands, or the smell of the pages!

    1. Danielle,

      Thank you so much for your comments. We truly appreciate your feedback. We also love many of the advantages eBooks have, but what a sad bookcase with only an ereader on a shelf…Good luck with the giveaway!

      Carol & Tom

    1. Diane,

      Thank you so much for your response. We really do appreciate your taking the time out to let us know what you think. We wish you all the best and good luck with the contest.

      Carol & Tom

    1. Juana,

      Thank you for the feedback on this issue. We know many people would agree with you and that is why we have both print books and eBooks available. Best of luck with the giveaway and thank you for your participation.

      Carol & Tom

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your comment! In this day when eBooks seem to have gained such popularity we are amazed and gratified to see that the desire for paper books remains strong.

      Happy Reading!

      Carol & Tom.

  2. I prefer ebooks as a rule, they are easier for me to hold, don’t fall apart (bindings have become so poor lately), and I can adjust the print size to what is comfortable for me. However, I love a book in any form as long as the story is good 🙂

    1. Hi Denise,

      Thank you for your comments. So far you are the only one who has responded that has chosen eBooks as their first preference, which surprises me since they certainly seem to be outselling paper books these past few years. I admit that I, too,love to see and feel the actual print book and add it to my massive collection of favorites to read over and over…But, as you say, the bindings nowadays aren’t what they used to be and I have discovered more than one of my favorites falling apart, to my dismay. And…oh I do love the ease of carrying around my Kindle and downloading books without ever having to leave my own home…and the lower price, too…Ah well, so there are advantages and disadvantages to both eBooks and Print. The main thing truly is to read and enjoy books, period.


    1. Tiffany,

      Thank you for your comments and congratulations on becoming an owner of a Kindle Paperwrite. I have heard that they are awesome and you have just confirmed that. Maybe I’ll have to look into getting one for myself in the future. I agree…books in any form, just give me something great to read! Good luck with the contest.


  3. Ebooks. I’m a convert: I’m always on the move and carrying a few hundred books with me is a huge win. Having a print copy of a favorite book still gives me the warm fuzzies, though.

  4. Tanya,

    I’ll have to admit that since I received my Kindle last year for Christmas I now have a continuous supply of books to read that is never in danger of running out. I love it, too. Still, I admire my print books sitting proudly in the bookcase, always inviting me to browse and get caught up in the pages of an old favorite or a new adventure. I honestly believe there is room for all forms of books today. And isn’t it wonderful we have so many choices?

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this question and good luck with the contest.


    1. Carol,
      I have to agree with you. I love both forms of books. I love the convenience and ease of carrying my Kindle and having numerous books at my fingertips. I have read many books and found new “favorite” authors that I would never have experienced without the ease and convenience of my Kindle.
      However, I also have books all over my house and I love nothing more than getting lost in a good book. My dream would be to suddenly win enough of a lottery to buy an entire book store and fabric store. Then I could read all I wanted and sew all I wanted. Between those two stores I could easily go broke if I wasn’t careful.
      My kids used to groan when I would spy a bookstore because they knew it was was a long visit. Now they fight leaving worse than me.
      I am grateful that e-books have opened literature to people who would not have the opportunity to have exposure to as many books as I have been fortunate to read.
      So I don’t think I could choose between them and I’m grateful I don’t have to, because I love having both in my life.

      1. Hi Mindy,

        Well said! I too, love all forms of books and it is a rare day that passes that I don’t spend at least part of the day reading.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I truly wish you the best of luck with the contest.

        Happy reading,


  5. I love traditional books: the smell of the paper, the sound of the pages turning, the look of the ink on the paper…However, I have a degenerative disease that is destroying my hands and forearms (and other muscles…), so it has become increasingly difficult for me to hold regular books for any length of time. While I still collect traditional books, I now tend to read most things on my Kindle. I don’t know what I would do without ebooks. They have saved my sanity as I become unable to do more and more.

    1. Michelle,

      Thank you so much for entering our contest and sharing your preferences and your story with us. Tom and I wish you good luck with the contest.

      All the best,

      Carol & Tom

  6. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer our question. We really appreciate your feedback. Thank you for entering our the giveaway, and remember, you win either way!

    Carol &Tom

  7. I love both urban and epic fantasy, but I definitely read more urban fantasy than any other sub-genre.

    1. Hi Mindy,

      We appreciate your taking time to comment and let us know your Fantasy preferences. Epic Fantasy, you say? Ah, a lady after our hearts! Best of luck with the contest and thank you for participating.

      Carol & Tom

  8. I prefer ebooks to paper copies most of the time as with the new readers it is conveinent to carry multiple books, adjust the font for easier reading, and epaper readers with backlights help make reading anywhere, anytime without disturbing others alot easier.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thank you so much for taking time to share your preference with us. Those are quite valid points which I am sure are shared by many readers today.

      Good luck with the contest and happy reading!

      Carol & Tom

  9. I’m warming up to ebooks. For a long time, I’ve been anti-electronic/pro-paper, but I’m coming around. For one, ebooks are easier to store. They also tend to be less expensive than paper, and that’s a real concern for me right now. The biggest sell, though, for ebooks is, with my failing eyesight, I can make the print big enough to easily read. That being said, there’s nothing more satisfying than holding an actual book in your hands, hearing the rustle of the pages, catching a whiff of that unique paper/ink/dust/must smell. Plus, how can you get your fave author to autograph an ebook?

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and preferences with us on this subject. It took me awhile to warm up to ebooks, too, but now that I have I find I like them more and more. Though, there is something to be said for the bulging book cases which store all my ‘favorites’. Ultimately, it seems that there is a place for both types of book, as you, and most readers seem to now agree.

      Good luck with the contest!

      Happy reading,

      Carol &Tom

  10. There is nothing that beats holding bound paper in your hand while you read. Traditional books are the way I go every time – I don’t own an eReader and will hold out against one as long as possible. Physical books may be taken into the bathtub with you too – one of my favorite places to read.

    1. Jessie,

      Thank you for sharing your preference with us. I know there are still many people who are of the same mind as you on this subject.

      Tom and I want to wish you best of luck with the contest and thank you for participating in our giveaway.


      Carol & Tom

    1. I apologize, Thomas, but we are not currently running any contests. When we do it will be announced on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

      Thank you for visiting our blog!

      Carol & Tom

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