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2 thoughts on “CONTACT US”

  1. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Phipps,

    I am a first time author. Just published my first novel Superhighway. Struggling to get the word out. I believe it’s a one of a kind book and there is a market for it. After reading about you, I know that you have the power to help. I am a professor of finance and do have publications in peer review journals. This is very new and extremely challenging.

    Here is the link to the book. Thank you for you consideration!


  2. Hi, I am Shannon Rose, owner of Eclectic Media PR, a national PR firm that will help you receive the benefits of exposure. 

    Our goal is to take you to the next level.  

    We have had clients on Fox News, CNN, in print-including Time Magazine, the LA Times, Readers Digest, and on the radio. 

    Just recently we had clients featured on yahoo and google news! So all over MEDIA. 

    To learn more about what we do visit our website at

    When is a good time and Day and number to reach you at?

    Shannon K. Rose
    Founder and Owner
    Eclectic Media PR

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