Wham! (Timewalker, book 1)


When the World Alliance seized power from all the governments of the world, they said it was for the greater good. They said it was necessary to unite all the nations of the globe under one banner in order to bring universal peace, equality and prosperity to the world.

To most families throughout the world, the rise of the Alliance and their grandiose promises meant little. They had long grown weary of the lies of the corrupt law-makers and heads of state and were far more concerned with their day-to-day struggles to survive.

The Greenwood family was no exception, and for a time life went on much as it had before the rise of the Alliance. In time, individual cultural and racial identity were outlawed. They said it was for the greater good. They said it was necessary to create a more harmonious, homogenous world community. The Greenwood family adapted.

But then they took away freedom. They made it mandatory for all households and public buildings to have skinwelers, crystal spying balls in every room, in order to watch the people’s every move. They said it was for the greater good. They said it was necessary for public safety and civil order. And the Greenwood family adapted.

But then the state took their family farm and lands and moved them to Gollsport where they had built barracks for all the displaced citizens. They said it was for the greater good. They said the countryside had become contaminated by farm chemicals and the relocation was for their continued health and safety. Once again, the Greenwood family adapted.

But then they came in the night and took away seventeen year-old Tess Greenwood’s entire family. They said it was for the greater good. They said Tess would adapt and in time she would be far better for it.

But Tess cared not for the Alliance’s greater good. She did not adapt. She wanted her family back and vowed to do whatever she must in order to see them again. Little did she know, that to keep her vow, she would have to become a timewalker.


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I have officially fell in love with this story. The Earth is in shambles and one government rules everything and it’s controlled by the Potentate who is ruthless to say the very least. You get to follow the trials of Nia and Tess moments after Children and Family services have torn their family apart taking Nia to the Capital and taking their mom and dad to lord knows where leaving poor Tess to adjust to no real family of her own and being forced to becoming roommates with two downright horrible teenagers, that already had it in for Tess.
The world that is created here in these pages is amazing and so easy to see. Troll talk and the talk of elder Fairies/wizards from different time periods was a tad difficult at first but then suddenly you just seem to adjust once you kind of read a couple lines (and let’s not forget there is a glossary in the back) just know you are gonna feel the characters come to life! Tess and Nia are desperate to get back their parents (and each other) and Nia wants to get back to her fiancé Drake as well. Drake helps Tess along with Bart (the skinwalker) and a lovable Troll names Maxi! While Nia has Jill and Sam helping her at the capital. The details are so wonderful and even though some things were easy for me to guess on what was going to happen other times you are left breathless with surprise! I honestly can say that I will be counting days for the next book to come out, I haven’t had a fantasy novel captivate me this much in a very long time. Not knowing what has become of all the wonderful characters is gonna drive me insane. You can’t help but want to love Tess and Nia and who can forget Maxie and Maude…. So much wonderful if you love fantasy you definitely need to give this a whirl. I’m very impressed!


By @Lourack1 on May 29, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

The action starts in the opening paragraph, and continues throughout the book. Our heroine, Tess’s journey captured my interest at every story beat. The dreaded “Children and Family Assistance” rips her family apart, which sets her on a journey of discovery. She finds the kindness of strangers, the jealousy of those who will not be the best they can be, and learns things about the corrupt government that took her parents. Armed with a thin list of facts, she enlists the help of Maxi the troll, Drake, and other more magical beings as she journeys to free her parents from a forced labor camp.
Meanwhile, her sister Nia finds herself imprisoned in comfort, but now a sexual hostage for high-ranking members of the government. You’ll find no graphic sexual descriptions. All acts of any sexual nature are briefly and tastefully alluded to, not described. The ruling “Potentate” takes exclusive advantage of Nia’s services connecting her to the pinnacle of the government.
Both Tess and Nia discover the need for the magic residing inside Fairy Rings. Making the best use of the magic and comradery Tess finds inside the Fairy Rings, she has some success at the end of her journey. Nia grows ever closer to escaping the realm of the Potentate. Her friends Jill and Sam help her.
I won’t spoil the end.
The book has solid writing, the plot and characters flow well throughout, and the ending left me ready to read the next book in the series. Grammar and punctuation are excellent throughout.
I find it easy to recommend this book as five-star reading, as I have another by the same authors.


Format: Kindle Edition

Welcome to an array of fantasy worlds, worlds of different times and places. Some of the worlds are dreary and challenging, some are ulatr-modern and evil, and others are charming, green and like a paradise. Welcome to WHAM! where time does not exist as we know it. ”If we are ever to go rollicking about in the distant past or future, we shall simply have to use magic.” WHAM! Is the first in the Timewalker series. The authors have created a mesmerizing fantasy. The book starts with the world of the Alliance, a highly regimented police-type state. Children are not taught to read or reason in school and are separated from their parents at a young age, often in violent fashion. Nia and Tess are two teenage-aged sisters; their parents are forcibly taken one night. They must fend for themselves in the ruined, polluted land. Nia is taken by the police to the Capitol. No one in the world governed by the Alliance knows where the Capitol is located. At the Capitol, Nia becomes the pet of the dictator and Potentate, Pandora. While Nia looks for ways to save herself and her family, the Potentate has diabolical plans for Nia. Meanwhile, Tess meets other Beings from the magical worlds, such as Fairies, Trolls and Wizards, and teams with them to try to save her world, parents and sister. All the main characters in WHAM! are well-crafted and I bonded with all of them. Shout out to Bart the Crow! I was also fascinated with the descriptions, language, culture and customs of all the magical Beings. There are many fascinating and creative devices in the worlds of WHAM, including “skinnies” that the government uses to communicate with its citizens. Glossaries are included at the end. Excitement and plot twists abound, which are sure to continue in the page-turners in the rest of the series to come. This is a super read- you will be completely entertained and thrilled.
on June 5, 2016
Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps bring a very unique tale to life, which is something different from their usual fantasy writing style. Although Carol and Tom are fantasy writers this story begins as a sort of teenage run a round romp where young girls like Tess Greenwood and Nia Greenwood are in a typical environment surrounded boys and their usual teenage life surrounded by sex and all the problems that come with it. With Tess it’s just the everyday life at first with mother ‘Maud’ and father ‘Mort.’ But she has her troubles like any other teenager. Nia is a troubled girl with depression and is referred to as a whore by some. She is quickly whisked away into an underwater dome of the capital. This is where the detoxification begins for her. But what she has come into (and this is where the fantasy begins) is a fantasy world with life with fairies and other creatures. Creatures like “Ocker’ and ‘Urr Urr’ who are ravens guiding them on path. And then there is ‘Morrigan’ who changes into ‘Bart’ the crow. There’s also a small ball known as the ‘Skinny’, which is some sort of communicator. It seems to be the hottest gadget out there. Nia, although fascinated by the different words, is desperately wanting to get home.
Wham! Is a first book in a new series that promises more books to follow. Much more could be said about this fantasy world, but I leave it to you – the reader, to come and join Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps to explore and escape into a world like no other. In which some never knew existed. This is where the real world unites with the imagination of the uniquely fantasy woven tale by Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps. Enjoy!
on June 3, 2016
This book has brought me to a new genre and I loved it. I am anxiously awaiting the next book to see where Tess and her sister Nia go from here. Fascinating page turner, you will love it.
The story was well organized and the characters are developed into believable people, even Maxi, the hairdresser who is a troll! I want him to do my hair {Smiles}.
If you like stories that take you to a new dimension, you will like this one!