We are very excited to announce that Wham! Timewalker Book 1 audiobook is NOW AVAILABLE on Audible.com, Amazon.com and iTines.

And you can get the audiobook of WHAM! absolutely FREE with a NO RISK 30-Day FREE TRIAL on AUDIBLE

They took her world. They took her family. They said it was for the greater good. They lied. 

From husband and wife writing team, Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps, WHAM is an imaginative and original dystopian fantasy where technology and magic stand side by side.

“Rarely have I seen fantasy and science fiction married so successfully.”

When Children and Family Assistance police drag her mom, her dad and her beautiful sister out the door into the night and beat her senseless, Tess Greenwood finds herself alone, her every move watched by the hidden World Alliance. Almost blind after her beating, she flees to the forbidden Broadstreet compound and a troll named Maxi.

So begins Tess’s journey from quiet teen at home to fierce young woman, determined to get back her family any way she can. Even if she must travel time itself.

But time is one thing she has little of. Those arrested in the night seldom live for long, and beautiful young women are destined to become toys for the elite.

Frantic, Tess tries to pull herself together to save her loved ones and her world… and the clock is ticking.

Get your copy and enter the world of the Timewalkers.

“At first, I thought this was your typical dystopian story, but I quickly learned it is so much more. Layer upon layer was peeled back as I read, revealing themes of corruption, power, and greed as well as familial love and loyalty that spans the ages.”


You may have had the pleasure of listening to our amazing narrator’s mesmerizing voice as she read “Time Does Not Exist”,  the intro to WHAM!

NOW listen to the enchanting voice of SKY WILDMIST,  www.avalonstudiovo.com, as she narrates excerpts for our new WHAM! Timewalker Book 1 audiobook  trailer.


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WHAM! Timewalker, Book 1 Audio-book Coming in 2019

Release Early 2019

WHAM!, the first book in our dystopian fantasy series, will be coming out on Audible, Amazon and ITunes in early 2019 as an audio-book. We are delighted to have Sky Wildmist read it with her superb and enchanting voice.

For a taste, its introduction, “Time does not Exist” is read by her here.


WHAM! Timewalker Book 1 and THEN…  Timewalker, Book 2, are both available to download FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Pick Up Your Copies Today And Experience The World Of The Timewalkers…


Cover Reveal for Wham! (Book 1 Timewalker) Print Book

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We are Happy to announce the upcoming release of Wham! (Book 1 Timewalker) print book. Watch for it on Amazon.


New Cover Reveal for Heart of the Staff: Complete Series

Heart of the Staff Complete Series Box (1)

We are excited to reveal our fabulous new cover, designed by our amazing graphic artist, Marija Vilotijevic, for our Heart of the Staff: Complete Series.

Sad to Announce PunchTab has Retired its Loyalty Programs

Here is the email I received from PunchTab on Wednesday, April 30:

PunchTab has officially retired our Start and Grow Programs, but we’re keeping Giveaways. Learn more in this email.

Hi there!

We want to thank you again for using PunchTab’s programs, and for being part of our journey.

Today is the official last day of PunchTab’s loyalty programs and badges. At the end of today all Start and Grow subscriptions of PunchTab are retired- points can no longer be earned and programs can no longer be accessed. The prize catalogs, however, will be available for 30 more days to allow your program members to redeem their points.

The good news is that while the free loyalty programs and badges will no longer be around, we’ll continue to support the free giveaway widget! All account information will remain the same, but you’ll only be able to run giveaways moving forward.

Again, in an effort to help your members use up their points, we added more items to the free catalog. If your program is using a customized catalog, we suggest adding a virtual raffle or other additional items so users have more opportunities to use their remaining points. *Please remind your program members that the catalog is only available for redemptions for the next 30 days. As of May 31st, any outstanding points will become invalid.*

The last three years have been wonderful and we’re thankful you’ve been part of that. We’re excited about our new direction and hope some of you will be able to join us!  And please visit getmoreengagement.com for tips on loyalty, Omni-channel, mobile, social, and more. (We hope this resource is a helpful one no matter what size of blog or business you’ve got!)

Thank you from all of us at PunchTab.
I, too, would like to thank all of our followers who have been participating in this program on my blog and encourage all of you to be sure to redeem any points you may still have asap as they will expire in 30 days.