RRBC Spotlight Author, Flossie Benton Rogers


Writing Interview:

Describe the books you like to write.

The stories I am called to write are adventurous, quick moving, sensual, spicy, and flush with surprising twists and turns.  Many of the heroes and heroines are otherworldly–ghosts, guardians, goddesses, witches, fairies, angels, and demons, while some are human but with special insight. The otherworldly ones also possess humanlike attributes and personalities, while exploring the depths of their unique abilities and powers.  My characters must deal with challenges on the human earth world and other realities. Their lives don’t always unfold like a blossom opening to the sun. Sometimes a solar flare erupts and fries the pristine bud. Sometimes the flower morphs into a breathtaking, witchy siren. My characters seek beauty in the midst of darkness and devotion in the midst of bedlam. Simmering below it all is the immutable flame of eternal love.

What is the most important thing writers can do for themselves?

The most important thing a writer can do is write, write, and write some more. Instead of obsessing over getting your first book published if you are not going the indie route or finding an agent, write a second book, and a third.

What writers have influenced you?

Other than author Loretta C. Rogers, who convinced me that I could write a novel and get it published, I am drawn to the clarity, brevity, and action of vintage romance author Dorothy Cork and icon Rex Stout, author of the Nero Wolfe mysteries.

What literature do you find particularly compelling?

I love the novels of Hermann Hesse, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Franz Kafka, and Thomas Hardy; the plays of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Shakespeare; and the poetry of Yeats and Keats, just to name a few.

Favorite quotes:

John Keats: “Real are the dreams of gods and soothly  pass their pleasures in a long immortal dream.”

Julian of Norwich: “All is well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.”

How does your writing process work?

I like to plan, plot, and measure where the turning points should go and then allow the characters or chaos muse to take the story in unanticipated directions. As a writer, the initial planning provides a tether so that I’m not always floating in the stratosphere, while the openness to change gives color and liveliness to the project. New beings flutter forth from the fae dimension. I like a good surprise.

What message do you most want your writing to convey to readers?

Experience, enjoy, and esteem the magic of life.


Mind Your Goddess, Witchfae 3


33 thoughts on “RRBC Spotlight Author, Flossie Benton Rogers

  1. Great and insighful interview! I particularly loved the message you want to convey: “Experience, enjoy, and esteem the magic of life.” Great quotes, too:)

  2. Very interesting interview, Flossie! I see that you, like many other authors, like to start with a loose outline or plan. As you say, it keeps one tethered. Please, enjoy your time in the spotlight. Thanks for hosting, Carol.

  3. Hi Flossie! Its interesting what you said about plotting your stories so you have a point for the unexpected to happen with your characters. That is so fascinating to me.

    I’m a non fiction writer and there is no room for making up stories, although you still have to know how to embellish without being dishonest.

    I enjoyed your interview very much.

    Hello Carol. Its nice to interact with you again. I’m glad you’re hosting Flossie.

    • Shirley, I am also fascinated by the methods and workflows of different writers. I admire how you as a nonfiction writer have the ability to maintain accuracy while adding the pizzazz to make it eye catching and memorable. Glad you enjoyed the interview. Thank you for your thoughtful comments!

  4. Flossie, I love that you feel you are called to write. That really shows the dedication you have toward the craft. Best wishes to you.

    Thanks for showing your support and hosting, Carol.

  5. https
    Flossie, again, I like your answers. I believe each writer works differently. I do not plan, and I do not write every day or even often, but only when I am inspired. When that happens, I don’t stop until I finish. 😫. Thank you, Carol, for the support.

  6. Fabulous interview, Flossie! It’s wonderful to learn more about you and your writing. Love the cover! Hope you enjoyed an awesome month in the Spotlight.
    Thanks so much for hosting, Carol.
    Cheers to you both! 🙂

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