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I’ve been a children’s author since 1985, with books traditionally and independently published.

I am one of seven children (three girls, four boys) and live with my wife and family in the West Midlands, UK (two daughters, their hubbies and three great grandkids).

I have written many different types of books and scripts over the years and besides children’s books I have written adult horror, sci-fi and comedy thriller scripts.

I was invited to Pinewood Studios, UK, in the late 1980’s after a Director had read my script and thought it showed great promise.  He sent it to the USA for another reading but unfortunately nothing ever came of it. I keep meaning to change the script into book form but other new ideas always take over.

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My latest children’s book is The Curse of Sea Shell Cave, a detective/whodunit for children.  Inside you will find the Jay-Pea-Eyes aka Junior Private Investigators searching for clues to solve another mystery.  It’s the second book in the JPIs series and is available in paperback and various e-book formats.

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